5 GoPro Products You Need For Your HERO5

5 GoPro Products You Need For Your HERO5

If you’re like me, you like using your GoPro on your trips as a way to record everything that happens. Whether you like recording videos or taking photos, the GoPro is an incredibly versatile action camera that lets you relive all of those awesome memories afterward. It could still use some help from accessories and external GoPro products though. The newest model, the GoPro HERO5 BLACK, is an excellent model that has a ton of new features compared to its predecessor. If you’re looking into buying one, you should definitely consider the GoPro HERO5 BLACK or GoPro HERO5 Session.

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But back to the topic at hand. Here is what we consider the Top 5 GoPro Accessories to have when you’re out traveling the world!

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1. GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/TriPod


GoPro Product 3 Way Tripod

The GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod is one of those things that I’ve fallen in love with during my trips. It has three different configurations that allow you to tackle a variety of different situations. While it’s completely folded up, it acts as a camera stick that makes it easier for you to shoot handheld. You can extend it so that you can get closer to your subject, or you can even use it as a selfie stick. Lastly, it also has tripod legs at the bottom. By simply unscrewing the bottom cork and pulling out the legs, you can turn it into a tripod. There are tons of ways to use it, so having this 3-Way in your arsenal is totally worth it.

Price: $69 USD

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2. Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) & Dual Charger for GoPro HERO5


Wasabi Power Battery for GoPro Products

Extra batteries are necessary items to have, especially when you have to spend the entire day out and don’t want to miss anything. Wasabi’s Power Battery comes with 2 packs, and a dual charger so that you can get going faster than before. A typical charge of the GoPro HERO5’s battery can last for about an hour or so through continuous filming, so you’ll definitely require some extra juice. Don’t be caught without it when you’re out on the trails.

Price: $29.99 USD

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3. Fixget 2 Pcs Screen Protector for GoPro HERO5 Black


Fixget Screen Protectors for the GoPro HERO5

If you’re using a GoPro Hero5, you definitely want to pick up one of these screen protectors. You wouldn’t want to scratch your pretty screen during an exciting skydive or a bumpy ride on a speedboat. These screen protectors ensure that the actual screen on the GoPro HERO5 is safe without compromising the screen quality. Made from tempered glass, these durable and shockproof screen protectors are great for scratch protection and light drops!

Price: $8.99 USD

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4. Karma Grip (HERO5 Black)


Karma Grip for GoPro HERO5

The GoPro Karma Grip for the HERO5 Black is the perfect tool for filmmakers and new amateurs as well. Now anyone can shoot steady footage at the touch of a button. The Karma Grip is the perfect tool if you have a HERO5 Black, and is worth the investment if you take a lot of video footage. Now it’s easier to impress your friends and family with professional-looking footage without paying an arm and a leg for it. It’s a hefty investment though, so be sure that you’ll really have a need for a gimbal before you make this purchase!

Price: $299.99 USD

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5. Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro


Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro Products

While most people use the GoPro within its waterproof, durable casing, sometimes you want to capture the sounds around you from a first person perspective. The head strap camera mount for GoPro’s is great for unique shots that feature a first person view of everything you look at. The great thing about this camera mount is that it works for almost all of the various types of GoPro products available. Now your videos can portray what it’s like to be in your shoes as you embark on adventures all across the globe.

Price: $7.49 USD

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So there you go! Here are our personal recommendations for GoPro HERO5 Black accessories if you’re going to go out traveling! Make sure you let us know whether you liked it in the comments below, and before you go, answer us this: which accessory do YOU think is the most necessary to have with you on trips?

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